DCW Conversation Hour
A monthly conversation hour!

DCW Conversation Hour began in 2022. The following is a list of its previous issues:

24 October 2023Voice & Vision: Exploring Digital Audio and its RoleMarcel Heyne
21 September 2023Transformational Leadership and Open EducationNichole Saad
24 August 2023Books, Institutional Partnerships and WikipediaProfessor Laurie Bridges
9 July 2023Navigating The Wikipedia LibrarySam Walton
17 June 2023Building Brand Equity: Amplifying Impact of Wikipedia ProjectsChitraparna Sinha
21 May 2023Impact of Wikipedia on Non-Conventional Education: Exploring its RoleBilal Ali Ansari
16 April 2023The Art of Community ReviewRohini Lakshané
17 March 2023Do Meetups Help Wikimedia Projects Grow?Dr. Nicole Schwitter
13 November 2022Wikipedia and Islamic ScholarshipDr. Ashraf Dockrat
30 September 2022The Inaugural Session: Muslim women and WikipediaDonia AlDomiaty